It's a Dad's World: Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day is right around the corner and I'm sure many of you will be rushing round card shops and supermarkets, grabbing at boxes of chocolate and sixpacks of beer but have no fear, I've come up with a list of what I deem to be ideal father's day gifts for those of you who can't face giving your dad yet another massive bar of chocolate or bottle of whiskey.

I've always struggled with father's day, not with the concept but with actually coming up with something to get my dad as he is so tricky to buy for! Content with a rugby game and a glass of Diet Coke he doesn't want much else in life and as a person who loves buying gifts, it's put me in a bit of a predicament. So I've learnt that you can never go wrong with sentimentality. If you can bring a tear to his eye, then you've done well as he'll remember it for years to come whereas he might not remember that bottle of whiskey.

iPads and e-readers are becoming increasingly more popular so a perfect gift would be a tasteful cover. Try this Dbramante1928 one from Selfridges. Or, if your dad needs an upgrade from an old phone, try a gift he's bound to use on a daily basis like this Samsung E1200* which is only £5 to buy with a £10 topup with Virgin Mobiles! And of course, if your dad likes a good tie, Selfridges stocks a large variety of gorgeous neck ties. My dad is currently loving Breaking Bad so why not buy a box set of his current series obsession? It'll keep him occupied for at least a week and will be reminded of you every time he watches it! I love mugs and use my Cath Kidston one on a daily basis and I personally always turn to mugs as mothers day or fathers day presents - this one from Jamie Oliver which you can buy on Amazon is so cute! Plus, he'll think of you whenever he has a cuppa. Novelty socks are always a winner and some of them are bound to make him chuckle! One of my favourite go to items for fathers day are things that smell nice - my dad's personal favourites are from Marks and Spencers but this little set from Baylis & Harding is packed so beautifully it's bound to go down a treat (and it doesn't break the bank.)