Days Out To Get Out And About

There's a certain monotony after a while in life, and all too often we settle into a routine. We

go to all the same places and see all the same faces, and it can actually get kind of dull!

However, the 'norm' doesn't have to be our reality, and there are loads of things we can try at

any point in the year.

Head To A Game

Not the biggest sport fan? Sometimes it doesn't matter - on match days, the atmosphere is

simply electric! Whether you go and see the football, rugby or anything else, it's an excuse to

try something else, and it's a real talking point, too. You can even add a little more spice to 
the day with a spot of football betting. It'll make you really get to grips with who the players

are and betting adds a whole new dimension, too. If all else fails, you can always just use

today as an excuse to enjoy a little day drinking, which is never a bad thing!

Take A Road Trip

Do you ever feel that you're not quite spontaneous enough? Prove yourself wrong, and jump

in the car (or your friend's car) today! Pick a spot at random that you've always fancied, or go

and visit a mate in a nearby city. The beauty of the UK is that you're never too far away from

anything or anywhere, and you can head to a city or the coast or indeed whatever you like.

   by  geebee2007 

Go And See Some Animals!

The UK has some great zoos and safari parks, from Chester Zoo right through to Knowsley 

Safari Park. Not only is it a super cute day out, there's a lot to be learned and you can even

read up on their conservation initiatives to help out with protecting them from danger their

breeds may find.

Go See A Band

These days, all music tastes are accounted for in the live music scene, so there's no excuses

not to head out and catch a gig or two. It's a great night out, and whether you like heavy rock

or X Factor pop, there are venues up and down the country where you can see your


Do A Food Tour

Whether it's a farmer's market you've been dying to try or a restaurant that everyone's raving

about, sometimes it's worth making a special effort when it comes to food. Eating doesn't just

have to be functional, and it can be an experience in itself. Find somewhere different, order

the most random thing you can think of and take a moment to appreciate - really appreciate -

every single bite. It's worth noting that once you get a taste for travel for food, you may even

want to go further afield. Some of the world's most exciting cities get their respect because of 

the quality of their food, and you may find yourself joining the ranks of those who really will 

go to the ends of the earth for something delicious!
Ellie Dickinson