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8 of the Best Basket Bags on eBay (£15 or less)

I love eBay. It's a 98% reliable way to get copies or 'inspired' versions of trendy bags, and if you're prepared to wait for the 3-week wait, most trend-driven items can be bought for cheap! With basket bags really being a key trend for the summer, I decided to share some of my secrets and share my favourite basket bags that are on eBay - and all of them are less than £15!

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Blogger Entitlement. I'm Over It.

A few weeks ago, it was nearly impossible to avoid the over-saturated story of the blogger who emailed a Dublin Hotel asking for free accommodation in return for a review. The hotel owner posted a screenshot of the email and rather terribly, attempted to censor the name of the blogger, only for it to be leaked. It was social media chaos - chaos that led to a debate on blogger entitlement. And I'm over it.

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The Essentials: Workwear/Day-to-Night Dressing #AD

With my Masters coming to an end and the start of my new job looming, I’m starting to think more and more about what to wear to work. Whilst my new job is hardly Business smart, I think it’s important to create a distinction between casual wear and work wear so I’m definitely creating a work wardrobe! But of course, that means that I need a collection of pieces that work well for after work drinks – or at least an outfit that works for both.

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