My Perfume Collection

Dreams Unlimited Eau de Parfum by The Body Shop

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist by The Body Shop

Neroli Jasmine Body Mist by The Body Shop

Beauty Rush Cupquake by Victorias Secret

The majority of my perfumes are from The Body Shop purely because I have this whole thing for anti animal testing and as the Body Shop is against animal testing there was no questioning which cosmetics shop became my favourite.
My Dreams Unlimited and Japanese Cherry scents are new as I got them for my birthday in May whereas the Neroli Jasmine I was given last birthday and the Cupquake Beauty Rush, I bought in Singapore two years ago.
As can be seen by the amount of liquid left in the bottles, I hardly use them as I savour them. I use the Neroli Jasime frequently when I go out whereas the Cupquake I only use when I wear shorts or a skirt because it is an emulsion mixture which I spray on my legs to make them shiny.

Dreams Unlimited is a nice and crisp scent that is very much a daily perfume. Although there are floral undertones, they do not overpower the scent. 
Neroli Jasmine is a seductive scent and apparently Jasmine was a princess from India's favourite smell.
Japanese Cherry Blossom is a sweet, floral scent yet not overpowering. 
Cupquake is also very sweet so if I wear too much, it is a bit overpowering.
For all the body shop fragrances I also own the body wash and for Japanese Cherry Blossom I have the body butter as well. However, not for Cupquake.