The Brew at Mr Baker Bakeshop, Brunei, #BruneiCafeSeries - Brunei Coffee Shop

Brew at Mr Baker Bakeshop is probably one of the longest running coffee shops in Brunei - aside from the Coffee Bean. And by longest running - it means that it's been around since about 2014 (don't quote me on that). As of 2018, Mr Baker Bakeshop has several branches but the one with the coffee shop is their Gadong branch. 

But for a long time, it just sold bread - with coffee as a secondary. Yet recently, they've had a bit of a renovation and completely redone their coffee shop part - and it's great. 

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Blogger Entitlement. I'm Over It.

A few weeks ago, it was nearly impossible to avoid the over-saturated story of the blogger who emailed a Dublin Hotel asking for free accommodation in return for a review. The hotel owner posted a screenshot of the email and rather terribly, attempted to censor the name of the blogger, only for it to be leaked. It was social media chaos - chaos that led to a debate on blogger entitlement. And I'm over it.

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