Driving Safely in Fog With Proper Battery Care

Londoners often face foggy and misty conditions when out and about on the road. Many of the low lying areas of the capital, such as those by Rainham Marshes, by the A13, or the Colne Valley Regional Park, by the A40, will see fog that can be well-established by the time that the morning rush hour begins in earnest. Sometimes fog in the capital does not clear until the sun has got high into the sky and - during the winter months, at least – this might mean that it does not clear at all.

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Ellie Dickinson
On Avoiding Winter Burnout

Winter burnout is a very real phenomenon. Whether it’s simply a result of fewer hours of sunlight or due to the increased number of social obligations, it’s a busy time of the year! But when you hit burnout, it’s far from positive. So I thought I’d share some of the ways that I try and avoid hitting burnout.

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