Dealing with Leftover Currency After Travelling

I really love exploring. Whether it's merely somewhere in Europe, or a place far more exotic, the prospect of going abroad is exactly the type of thing I love. But whilst it may seem really 'easy' to just hop on a plane, there are far more intricate details that go with travelling, one being the money. Let's get practical.

Currency exchange baffled me for many a year and to be honest, I think I've only just began to grasp it. 

But I know how intimidating the process can be - especially if money isn't your thing and the prospect of either getting out too much currency or too little. But trust me, if you end up in Asia, the last thing you want is to have too little money because if you try to use your bank card, you'll simply end up with it being frozen for fraud. Not worth the risk

But this is where Leftover Currency steps in. They offer a service that enables you to get rid of your currency, even if it's just small change! As whenever I head abroad, I fly through Amsterdam, the number of small change Euro coins I have is ridiculous so knowing that I can simply exchange Euro Coins on Leftover Currency to get them changed into GBP Pounds makes my life so much easier. And trust me, if you turn up at a physical exchange with a load of coins, they won't have any of it. Really.

Would this be something you'd look into on return from holiday? I know with the whole January declutter, I'll definitely be getting rid of those coins!

Ellie Dickinsontravel, lifestyle