The (mini) Sephora Haul

As you might have gathered, I'm currently in Asia and was recently in Kuala Lumpur where there seems to be a Sephora every kilometer and certainly in every shopping mall, and because the ringgit is so weak, I decided to pop in! I'm going to be heading to KL again in a couple of days but I thought I'd share my mini haul and I'm pretty sure there might be a second one soon...

I love a bit of skincare and as I had decided that I wanted to buy brands that I couldn't get in the UK, I decided to check out the face masks straight away. I bought these little sleeping mask pods because they looked great and I'm all about the intensive moisturising life.

The first one I made grabby hands at was the Avocado one which I've actually used and is so refreshing but really moisturising. There's loads in each pot so I'd actually say they probably do two uses. I also picked up the Lotus, Green Tea and Ginseng. The Lotus one is brightening, the Green Tea is soothing and the Ginseng one is firming and brightening. 


And then on my quest to find new products that I can't get in the UK, I spotted a Korean beauty edit which is where Sephora have basically tried to replicate some of Korea's most popular beauty products which were essentially cushion based products. They had a couple of cushion foundations however the shades weren't right for me but I spotted their cushion highlight and blushes. I have the blush in Lycee and it's the most gorgeous natural coral flush. It blends in easily with finger tips and looks so natural! I'm obsessed with the highlight as it gives a gorgeous dewy look and is definitely more of a natural highlight than anything else. 

I'm obsessed and can't wait to head back there and have another nosy at some things!

Have you bought anything from Sephora lately? 



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