Making an Income on the Side

January is one of those months where everyone is a bit tight on cash. With the indulgence and extravagance of christmas just gone, January is one of those months where everyone is saving either to make up for one too many shiny christmas presents or just to set themselves up for the year ahead.

I'm definitely in the second category. 

One of my big things this year is to watch my saving (by improving at it) and with that comes a deeper look at investing. But in order to get to that, you need to reach a point where you can afford to get there.

A less-risky way can be through matched betting. Profit Accumulator is a platform that tries to make your bets the most successful possible, but it's not just a betting site. By providing the most profitable bets, it enables you to cover all your options and come out with a guaranteed profit.

The website has loads of helpful tips and videos that explain the process which show how it all works. It's definitely an idea to help earn a bit extra. If you are looking into giving this a whirl, I'd suggest working out how much you can afford to put into it first. It really does make the idea of matched betting much clearer for folks who don't have the time of day to trawl through and work these things out ourselves

Ellie Dickinson