Party Dress Shopping in the UK


Living abroad is an interesting experience, especially, when you are an American residing in the UK. On the surface, the two cultures are very similar, but after a while you realize that there are still differences. Some are subtle, others not so much.

Oddly, it is the little things that you notice the most. Slight differences in etiquette and style are great examples of this. Even the way we shop for special occasions and parties is not quite the same.

The Brits shop online more

One of the most obvious differences is that the Brits shop online far more than many Americans do. In fact, according to research, an astonishing 95% of British people regularly buy goods online.

They are quite happy to buy even an elaborate cocktail dress from the web. That is why it is relatively easy to find the perfect party dress here. Because demand is so strong, most UK online fashion retailers stock a very large range of clothing and do so for all shapes and sizes. Naturally, this way of shopping is starting to become more common in the US too. People are waking up to the convenience of shopping in this way and love having a much better choice than they do when they just go to the mall.

Brits allow a bit more time to buy something for a special occasion

Naturally, if you are going to shop online for occassionwear you have to start the shopping process earlier than you would if you just went to the mall. You need to allow enough time to order the dress, try it on and exchange it if it is not a good fit. Plus, even if it turns out to be a good choice, the chances are it will need taking up or taking in slightly. Therefore, buying a bit in advance of the event is the norm.

A slightly more muted style

Interestingly, the Brits are still relatively conservative when it comes to the way they dress. Of course, there are plenty of British women who love nothing better than to dress in something bold and beautiful, especially for a special occasion. But, when you attend a party, in the UK, you really notice how many women have opted to fall back on the classic little black dress. As a result, it is really easy to pick classic LBDs, in UK shops. It is also not hard to find classic accessories like court shoes, clutch bags, brooches, pearls and elegant jewellery. Accessories that work particularly well with the elegant little black dresses many women in the UK like to wear to parties.

Other differences

As you can see the differences are indeed subtle when it comes to choosing an outfit for a special occasion, but they are definitely there. If you found the above interesting you are likely to enjoy this post. It is basically tongue in cheek list of 96 differences between Americans and people from the UK. Some of them I recognise, some I don´t. It is nonetheless an interesting, and often entertaining, read.

This is a collaborative Post written by Simply Be.

Ellie Dickinson