Tapping into the Best 2018 Bag Trends to Enhance your Look


Without a doubt, owning the right bag is a big part of getting your look right. Tapping into the latest trends is a great way to enhance your style and keep yourself looking fashionable. As you will see by checking out bags vogue articles, there are some great looking new handbags available for 2018.

Now is a good time for you to take a look and treat yourself to a new one. The major retailers have digested the best of the trends from the A/W catwalks and create something similar for the average consumer.

The classics are back

When it comes to dressing well, you really cannot go wrong when you stick to the classics. Some bags like the Chanel 2.55 never completely go out of fashion. This iconic bag shape and style was created in 1929 by Coco Chanel herself.

Right from the start, it sold well. But when she gave it a makeover in 1955 it became the It bag of that era.

In 2018, a lot of designers have been inspired by this stunning, yet practical, handbag. So, keep an eye out for those and consider treating yourself to one. These mid-sized bags look just as good with a dress or suit as they do with trousers or jeans.

Stylish pouch and drawstring bags

For a party or the weekend, a dainty small bag is usually what you need. This year, you will be pleased to learn you are not going to be stuck having to buy a clutch bag. They look great, but the fact that you have to hold it in your hand has its drawbacks. Having to juggle your drink, bag and finger foods is tricky. It is hard to look elegant when you are struggling to keep your clutch tucked under your arm without spilling your drink.

So, I for one am really pleased to see pretty drawstring pouch bags making a bit of a comeback. They are practical as well as elegant. You can choose to carry them in the same way as you would a clutch or use the delicate chain strap to wear it over your shoulder.

Perhaps the only problem with a drawstring bag is the fact that they are an easy target for pickpockets. So, if you can choose one with an interior zip pocket to stow expensive items.

A practical tote

In general, handbags are getting smaller. But, that does not mean that all of the designers are moving in that direction. Far from it, as you will see when you go shopping. There are some particularly nice wide tote bags available. These are very versatile. They are big enough to slip a laptop into so that you can easily use them on a work day. At the weekend, they are great for shopping.

If you fancy buying this style of bag, take a look at this tote buying tips post. It makes some interesting and important suggestions that will help you to buy one that works well for you.

Ellie Dickinson