Adding Life to Your Home in Winter


Ah, Winter. The time of year where the trees are bare, the flowers are fast gone and the eerie quiet of bird less song is ever present. It’s the time of year where light is duller and homes feel far more lifeless. It’s understandable why people prefer summer!

But whilst I can’t control the weather and temperature, I’m a firm believer that it’s possible to control the energy and atmosphere of a home to the point where it doesn’t have to feel as quiet as the outside world! So I thought I’d share my favourite ways to keeping your home full of warmth and life, even when dreary outside.


As much as I love white bedding, in winter, this can feel uncomfortably cold. Whilst you may choose to buy a whole new set of bed linen, I’d suggest incorporating colour through the form of a throw. I have a pale pink throw at the end of my bed that not only helps with warmth but adds a nice bit of colour! Cosy throws and pillows are readily available at this time of year! I’m a huge fan of deep navy blues and mustards at this time of year!

Plant life.

I have a combination of faux and real plants in my home year round and I find this makes the biggest difference in winter! I’m a huge fan of echoing the season’s colours through flowers and love companies like Bloom Magic who offer local Manchester Flower Delivery which means I can have flowers year round! Not only do certain plants help to purify the air, but they can help reduce dust particles and keep your house feeling fresh. If you kill plants quickly, I’d suggest having a quick google to find out which hard wearing plants work best for you! I’m a huge fan of fig plants, monstera and of course, cacti!


In an ideal world, my home would be mainly white cotton, but living in the climate of the UK, a lack of texture feels cold and clinical. As I’m not a massive texture person, I try to incorporate little bits into my home through fluffy pillows or thick knit throws. As accessories, these can be easily changed and updated for each season, which avoids any restriction to trends! I have a white fluffy pillow, pink suede and a white thick knit blanket. They add so much dimension and warmth it’s amazing!


In my first year of university, the biggest issue I faced was down to the clinical fluorescent lighting in every room. At my current place, one of the first things I did was change the main light bulb to a softer warmer colour which instantly softens the evenings. For the ultimate cosiness, I’d suggest a combination of fairy lights and light features. This helps add a cosy and warm feeling which is ideal in the harsher days of winter! I tend to just use fairy lights and table lighting as it adds a relaxing feel to the room!

What do you do to update your home in Winter? Any interior tips?

Ellie Dickinson