How to drop hints and get your dream engagement ring


If you suspect that your partner could be getting ready to pop the question, you might be wondering how you can (gently) push him in the right direction to your dream engagement ring. You’re not being ungrateful, it’s a big investment for him to make and dropping some helpful hints can do no harm.

In the UK, the average spend on an engagement ring is £2,000, so you want it to be something you’re going to love. You’re not alone either; 42% of grooms said that their bride-to-be influenced their ring decision.

Even if you think he’s about to propose, you may still have plenty of time to make some subtle suggestions — research showed that on average, grooms spend three months looking before choosing a ring. We have teamed up with Angelic Diamonds, retailers of diamond engagement rings, to advise you on how to let your partner know the style you desire.

Obvious hints

Perhaps you know that your partner is going to propose —he’s hinted to you, you’ve seen his browsing history or you’ve had a mutual discussion about his plans. Either way, you have the go-ahead to drop some serious hints about what engagement ring you’d love to own. If you’re less sure that your relationship is heading in that direction, the following steps may scare him off and make him feel uncomfortable.

One way to drop a hint is to leave web pages open with pictures of the ring that you like, you may leave your laptop open on the sofa or your phone unlocked for him to see what you’ve been looking at. Alternatively, you could leave jewellery magazines open at the right page (even circling the ones you love if you’re feeling extra bold).

Some men want the ring that they choose to be a surprise. If this is the case, you could create a ‘wish list’, a list made up of the metals, the shapes of stone, the setting and any other important aspects of the ring that you would like. You could list some aspects to avoid too, such as a certain metal or shape that you’re not keen on. This way, your partner can still surprise you with a ring but it’s guaranteed to be one that you’ll love.

On social media, there are plenty of opportunities to drop hints around what ring you would like. You could tag your partner in a Facebook post about an engagement ring, or share it on your own page. Or perhaps you like the look of a celebrity’s engagement ring, you could tag him in a comment on this too. He’ll soon get an idea of what sort of rings you are looking for.

Another way that you could show him which ring you like would be to go shopping together. You could design the ring together too if you opt for a bespoke engagement ring. This could be a nice experience for you both as well, making the trip less stressful for your groom-to-be. Where and when he proposes will still be a surprise — and you’ll be extra excited knowing that you’re going to receive the ring of your dreams!

When you’re shopping, take a look at the wedding rings too — 60% of couples purchase their wedding rings from the same retailer as they purchased their engagement rings, possibly to get a perfect match in metals.

Ellie Dickinson