5 Ways to Achieve the Perfect Me Day

Christmas and New Years Eve are probably some of the busiest times of the year and I know the lead up to Christmas had me working off a strict schedule to ensure I had everything completed. But now that's all done, and if you're anything like me, it's critical that you set aside time for yourself. Quite simply, a me day.

As an introvert, I know how important this is and whether you relax by spending a day at the gym or sat at home binge watching Gilmore Girls, here are some of my favourite ways for the ideal me day.

  • Get cosy. The first thing of importance is to be snuggly. Whether this is a cosy jumper or a soft pair of Jack Wills Joggers, comfort instantly means you're more likely to relax. As someone who spends most of their life in skinny jeans, the relief of slobbing around in sweatpants is like no other! I'm all about that Hygge cosy aesthetic. Plus, who doesn't love fluffy socks?
  • Ambience. Depending on how you like to relax, I think ambience helps so much. I instantly turn on any side lights and fairylights which instantly make my room more cosy and warm. I have a lot of white in my room which can be quite harsh so I find the warmth of fairy lights to be really helpful.
  • Tidy space. This is very much dependent on you as a person but I can't relax unless my room is relatively tidy. Of course it's never perfect but if I can avoid mess, I find I'm able to chill out far more.
  • Warmth. This is imperative with the current weather in the UK, but if you're bloomin' freezing, then chilling out is going to be far harder. As a millennial, I live for unwinding in bed and my electric blanket is a must. Add a stack of pillows and I'm in heaven.
  • Scent. Now I'm not going to be a blogger cliche by saying you should light a candle but any scent is helpful for unwinding. I'm trying to be better about moisturising and I find that any Soap&Glory products smell incredible and linger after application.

What are some of your favourite ways to unwind and relax?

This is a collaborative post.