6 Ways You Could Be Killing Your Car


As I'm moving into the world of owning a car, I'm constantly making sure that I don't make any mistakes and inadvertently cost myself a hefty mechanic fee! Fortunately, all the cars that have been in my family have lasted really well and have performed at a high level. So here are some of the important ways to avoid killing your car!

  1. Ignoring check engine lights. Whilst you often see this as part of a joke in comedy shows, a check engine light is rarely just for fun! If your car is used a lot or if you commute like me, then avoiding any warning lights can be a serious issue! Even if it's only for a 'minor' issue, it could still balloon into something much larger!
  2. Not changing fluids. There are so many different variations of fluids that your car uses from the all-important brake fluid to an oil change. Not checking the fluid levels of your car can cause breakdowns or potentially even accidents.
  3. Failing to check tires. The UK has recently had crazy levels of snow and a remarkable number of accidents that went alongside. Not keeping an awareness of your tires can mean that your car could slip or skid in bad weather. But regardless of weather - tires are an important part of breaking and there would be nothing worse than having an accident as a result of something that is ultimately preventable!
  4. Not getting your car serviced.  Getting your car serviced can often be seen an unnecessary expense when it's actually essential. A regular service can help identify any potential problems and ultimately can help to prevent accidents or any serious problems. If you're a heavy car user, there's nothing worse than a serious issue so regular services are definitely necessary. Schedule a full car service online with Iverson Tyres Ltd
  5. Lack of physical upkeep. When you lead a busy life, it's so easy to forget to keep up with the physical aesthetic elements of your car. Whether it's surface dirt or a build-up of rubbish inside, these can have long-term impacts!  A build-up of dirt and dust can cause paintwork to fade or scratch, and rubbish can ultimately cause soft-furnishings to smell - which no one wants! If you keep on top of it, it's a simple way of keeping your car in check.
  6. Stop-start driving. Whilst it's tempting to pump the brakes and accelerator (especially in traffic), this can be incredibly fuel-inefficient as well as damaging the pedals of your car. Whilst this may be necessary for bad weather conditions, try to be gentler with your car in your daily day-to-day driving.

What are some of your favourite ways to keep your car running smoothly? Anything I've missed?

Ellie Dickinson