Amazing Vacations To Get Your Heart Racing!


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For a lot of people, there's nothing better than spending their time at home relaxing and feeling comfortable. However, even the most comfortable hermit feels the need to get out into the world and do something a little more exciting. However, if you really want to do something with your time, then it should be the most inspiring and exciting activities ever. Sure, for some people travelling and adventure is simply a matter of sitting by the pool catching some rays and sipping on a cool drink. But if you want a little more out of your travels, here are some truly pulse-pounding travel options for any adventurer who wants to take a walk on the wild side.

An Antarctic adventure

It takes a certain type of person to look at the frozen tundra’s of the Antarctic and think “yep! That’s the travel destination for me!” But if you’re looking for a real adventure then it might just be your perfect place. Organisations like G Adventures provide some truly incredible experiences in one of the most extraordinary places on earth. Of course, you’d better be ready for a challenge because the Antarctic is hardly known for making people feel comfortable!

Skydive Vancouver

If you want to really get your pulse racing then why not do one of the most exciting activities in the world: skydiving. After all, what could be more of an adrenaline rush than literally jumping out of a plane?! Of course, if you're going to go skydiving then Vancouver really is the only place to do it. Not only does Vancouver have some of the best and most experienced skydiving instructors in the world but the city is also a wonderful tourist destination that just about everyone can find something in. Whether you want to see the sights or go bar hopping, Vancouver has no end of things to offer once you're safely back on solid ground.

The world's highest bungee jump

If you've ever thought about bungee jumping then why not go all out with the highest bungee jump in the world? At an astonishing 764 feet, the AJ Hackett Macau Tower sees hundreds of thrill seekers every day coming along to test the limits of their bravery. You can visit Hong Kong and enjoy the rich Chinese culture before taking the ferry over to the tower. If you're feeling really brave, they even do night jumps as well! Not only that but they have never seen an accident in the entire time that the tower has been open so there really is no safer way to get your pulse pounding.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with a vacation where you just sit back and relax, soaking up the son and recharging your batteries. However, the idea that the only good vacations are ones where you spend the entire time sunbathing is ridiculous! Sometimes, the very best thing that you can do is to embrace your adventurous side and really get out of your comfort zone for once!

Ellie Dickinson