3 Affordable Ways to Switch Up Your Bathroom Aesthetic


I spend so much time on Pinterest that I must have a minimum of three bathroom inspiration boards – but none of them come cheap. They all require gutting, retiling and completely redoing your bathroom – which for most people is a big and costly project.

But there are several easy ways to update your bathroom that don’t require starting from scratch and involve quick easy solutions.

Bathroom Wall Panels

An easy DIY solution is wall panels. Simply slot into place on top of tiles for an easy way to lift your bathroom. Perfect if you want a temporary fix or are in a rental property – these can really transform the room.

Fake Greenery

Unless you have a large and light-filled space, greenery can be tricky to keep alive in the bathroom. Try integrating a couple of trailing plants, eucalyptus stems, or natural looking flowers in a planter to refresh the room.

Paint it White

Almost every dreamy bathroom on pinterest is painted white. Give your bathroom an instant face lift and paint it white. Easy, peasy!

What are some of your favourite ways to lift a space?

Ellie Dickinson