Best Lifestyle Blogs

Best Lifestyle Blogs.

I love blogs. For about a year, every Sunday, I would bundle myself up in my duvet and load up my favourite blogs and spend a good couple of hours catching up. There were beauty blogs, lifestyle, food, vegan, you name it, I've probably read it. But I would always come away feeling far more disheartened than when I started.  

My blog wasn't as good as this one. Why wasn't my photography as good as that? Did I need to lose weight? I needed that lipstick. Should I start YouTube?

These were the kind of questions flying through my mind and I would find myself on my own blog, scrolling through images that I once thought Pinterest worthy and critiqued them. Was this why I wasn't one of the best? 

With a market almost saturated with blogs, it is so hard to find your own space in the market and create your own identity with regard to photos or writing style that I found some of my posts were essentially rip offs and didn't sound like "Ellie" had written them. They were devoid of personality and my photos were ones that didn't come naturally. It was then a vicious circle. 

So I've stopped reading blogs. Not because I don't love them, I really do, but I found I was losing my own identity. I've worked so hard to develop my little corner of the internet that I couldn't bear to lose it. From shaky fashion posts to (slightly) more refined pictures, I've found myself and that is something I don't intend to lose. But I was finding every time I read a blog, I was trying to emulate them in my own writing and was essentially losing myself, piece by piece. And now I'm trying rebuild my brand and stick to my guns. I can write, I can take good pictures, it's just time to make sure they're


There are many a blog nowadays that look like another, but you should ask yourself, is it really you or is it a knockoff of what you want to become. Inspiration is brilliant, imitation is not.

Are you a frequent blog reader or do you stray from them more? 

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Best Lifestyle Blogs

best lifestyle blogs