The Best Natural Pink Nail Polish

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Since I was a child, I've loved a neutral pink nail polish. I don't like beige colours, and I don't like my nails looking like they're a solid nude. For someone who only likes a certain look on my nails, I'm rather fussy. But I've found the perfect collection of pinks - so that my nails always look done, never look obviously chipped, and match every outfit. I've done it. The impossible task has finally been completed.

I've used Essie for a long time - but I've never tried their gel couture until a fellow blogger (PintsizedBeauty) recommended the Essie Gel Couture in Princess Charming (far left in image). The colour is a slightly brown toned pink and is a great neutral shade, not too feminine, not too boring. The gel couture formula is incredible - the polish applies smoothly and has great lasting power!

Once I discovered the range, I ventured and discovered the shade Fairy Tailor (far right in image) and Spool Me Over (centre in the image).  Fairy Tailor is a natural baby pink (similar to the Essie shade Ballet Slippers), but it's not as sheer as I expected. I need about 3 coats to get full coverage, but the polish hasn't peeled or felt too thick! Unlike many baby pinks, it's the perfect balance of not looking too chalky or white, whilst still showing its colour.

Spool Me Over is less of a baby pink and has a slightly more peach tone which is perfect for the summer months! This isn't sheer at all and only needs 2 coats for even coverage. Again, with all the gel couture polishes, it has a really great lasting power and lasts a good 7 days. With all the nail polishes, I used the Gel Couture top coat which made my nails look really shiny, and again, prevented premature chipping!

What are some of your favourite natural pink nail polishes?