5 Podcast Recommendations That'll Improve Everything.

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Okay, perhaps the title of this post is a slight exaggeration, but have I mentioned how much I love podcasts? I may not have said much about it online, but if you know me in person, then you'll probably be sick of the number of times I say "Well, I was listening to this podcast...".

But as someone who spends probably 2 hours a day on public transport, I have plenty of time to fill - and podcasts hit the mark.

I've posted about my favourite podcasts on here before, but the podcast world is ever-evolving and so has my taste, so I like to think that this list is fairly different to some of my older ones...

Keeping It Candid

This is a pretty new podcast, and therefore a pretty new fave in my life. Hosted by two bloggers (Sophie Milner from Fashion Slave and Millie Cotton), it's a pop culture podcast that looks at everything from social media to #millennial life. I love the friendship that Sophie and Millie have so it feels a bit like I'm listening to one of their conversations. Very relevant, pretty funny and a nice alternative to watching a youtube video!

The Fringe of It

This may be slightly premature as I write this post, they've only released one episode but I have a good feeling about this one... But this is another fashion + lifestyle based podcast hosted by two bloggers, Liv Purvis + Charlotte Jacklin (Betty Magazine). The first episode was pretty wonderful and chatty so was very much an escape from all things academic, which is my life at the moment. Topics ranged from key life events to fashion favourites to new purchases. Like I said, very promising.

The Dave Ramsey Show

A leap and a bound away from all things pop culture is the Dave Ramsey show, which is a podcast talking all things money. Dave Ramsey is a very American money guy who has a plan to basically avoid debt (or get out of debt) and build up a portfolio that will get you through life. Whilst I'm not in debt, the show centres on money problems and I adore Dave's no-nonsense approach. In a world where we're constantly being offered credit or instalments, sometimes you just need someone in your ear constantly telling you "if you can't afford it now, you can't afford it". He has an awesome plan to get out of debt, and a great set of steps to build up your finance to the point where you get everything (including how to invest). It's real, honest and relatable.

No Such Thing As A Fish

I've been listening to No Such Thing As A Fish for ages - apologies if you've already heard me talk about it! But it's so good. Created by the same people behind QI, each episode centres around several facts - but it's funny. The people who host it are hilarious so whilst you do definitely learn a few handy pieces of #knowledge, you'll also laugh. I love the personalities of the people behind the podcast and you're sure to fall in love. There's a reason it's always in the top chart.

The Minimalists

This is a long-time favourite and probably one of the most life-changing podcasts (in the less cringe-worthy way). Discovering the concept of minimalism (where you only have things in your life that add value), has been pretty life-changing and has had a massive effect on my finances and how I treat every day. I love the guys behind it and most of the episodes are awesome. I'm not a huge fan of the episodes they record live on tour, but their studio episodes are often a good shout. I'd suggest listening to their older episodes first as they set the tone. If you're rolling your eyes at the concept of being a minimalist, it doesn't mean not having any stuff, it's all about only having stuff you love and adds value (even if that means you have collections of things)...

And to be honest, these are my current favourites. They're all brilliant in their own right and a great step into the world of podcasting. 

Are you a podcast person? I'm always looking for recommendations so let me know what I should download next!