The Best Times to Buy a Used Car


The used car market is a fantastic place to find your next vehicle as it is such a gigantic marketplace, but you must also take your time to find the perfect vehicle for your particular needs and also to get a good deal. One aspect which is often overlooked by motorists is when to buy the car - if you time it right, you could save yourself a tidy sum and drive away with a high-quality automobile.



It can be a good idea to head into a used car dealership towards the end of a quarter as dealers will have quarterly targets that they need to hit so might be willing to slash the cost. The end of June and the end of December, in particular, can be a good time to get a discount on a second-hand vehicle.


Registration Plate Change

You may find that dealerships are trying to clear out their stock in July and early August so that they can make room for the new models and the registration plate change on September 1st. There is limited space on the forecourt they may be willing to cut the price to make space for newer vehicles.


Vehicle Type

It is worth considering the type of vehicle that you plan on purchasing and when it might be peak-season so that you can buy during quiet periods where demand is low as this could bring the cost down at places like AA Cars. As an example, a convertible could be much more affordable during the winter months whilst a 4x4 is best bought at the start of the summer when conditions are fine.


Festive Period

Generally speaking, people do not buy cars as much during the festive period as they are spending a lot of money on other purchases. Therefore, you might find that you could get a good deal if you visit a dealership around Christmas and New Year.


Automobile News

You should also keep an eye out for vehicle news which could impact the price of a used car. As an example, there may be a new generation of vehicle arriving which could drive down the cost of the older model.


As you can see, there are lots of times of the year where you could make big savings when shopping for a used car. It is for this reason why it is aware being of what these times are and planning your visit to the dealership to capitalise on these potential savings. Although you will want to get a good deal, you must always make sure that the vehicle is of high-quality by giving it a thorough inspection, taking it for a test drive and getting a vehicle history check carried out.

Ellie Dickinson