On The BookShelf

It should come as no surprise that as an English literature University student, I love a good book but as my days are normally filled with ploughing through plays and novels, I love a good light hearted read where my brain can start to switch off. I know for some people, it may be the complete opposite but for me, I find myself reaching for books that are more holiday read than in depth thriller. I definitely think this is something that'll change when I complete my degree, but that's the situation for now.

A book that I tend to dip in and out of has to be Caitlin Moran's Moranthology. I find this to be very much a love hate book and sometimes I find myself laughing out loud and other times, I have to put it down as the humour grates on me. A bit like marmite. It's essentially the story of Caitlin Moran's life and her thoughts on various topics like David Cameron & feminism. Because of the structure, it's very easy to read an odd chapter without losing a storyline which is exactly the kind of thing you need with Moran's humour. Give it a read, let me know what you think.

New to me is Tina Fey's BossyPants. I've recently binge watched 30 Rock and fell in love with her as Liz Lemon and hoped that her autobiography would provide the same sort of humour and I was so right. I'm about half way through and it does not disappoint. It's witty, hilarious and really makes you realise how similar Lemon is to Tina Fey. Definitely a laugh out loud book and reminds me of the humour in Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? I would absolutely recommend giving this a read because although it's a light read, it's not 'simple'. Love. Love. Love.

And finally, I feel like I'm actually the last person on the #Girlboss hype but I am so glad it's finally in my life. It's very much a mix of Sophia Amoruso's life and advice. As blogging is such a female dominated industry, I very much feel that alot of the issues that Amoruso encountered are applicable to my life and as I'm essentially my own boss for my blog, it's very inspiring. The layout of the book is also gorgeous - very easy to read. Sidenote: Netflix is turning the book into a series so it's worth giving it a read before you binge watch it!

What are you reading at the moment? Any recommendations?