Tyre Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition for Driving in Yorkshire


Yorkshire may be God's own county but it has some roads which are definitely less than heavenly. Over recent years, various local authorities have been under severe financial strain and this has led to more and more potholes being seen on the county's roads. It is not just the local and country lanes either! Even some of the major routes throughout the wider region are in a sorry state today and driving on Yorkshire's roads is consequently not very pleasant. It certainly takes its toll on your tyres. What should you do to make sure they are looked after as much as possible? 

Check Your Tread 

Your tyres may look like they have enough tread depth but you cannot really tell unless you test them with a gauge over the entire rim. Running over a pothole can cause wear in just one area that makes the entire tyre unroadworthy. If so, then you'll need to replace it immediately. It is recommended to not take a risk with your vehicle health and be safe on the road - for that you should get tyres locally. Lets' say if you are looking for tyres in West Yorkshire - they are available from Ossett Tyre House where you can also have your tracking checked, if wanted. 

Check Your Tyre Pressure 

Over-inflated tyres are no good for driving on wet or snowy roads in Yorkshire. They bow out at the side which means that less of the tread grips the tarmac. Lower the pressure to the correct level to gain as much traction as possible. Likewise, partially flat tyres tend to create greater rolling resistance and cause problems with maintaining control when you brake hard or swerve. 

Check Your Spare Tyre 

Driving about in rural parts of the county means you can be miles from roadside assistance. In bad weather, it could take hours for help to arrive. If so, you want to know that your spare tyre is ready to be used. Don't just inspect the four on the road but make sure your spare can be used if it becomes necessary to do so.

Ellie Dickinson