8 Car Tyre Tips You Must Know Now


Not taking enough care of your tyres? Think you are spending too much on tyres or changing them too frequently? If so, then read on to discover the essential car tyre care tips you ought to know.

Buying the Right Car Tyres

Obtain your tyres from a reliable source. If you opt for a cheap, part-used tyre dealer, then your tyres might not be compatible with your car or not match your existing ones which would be illegal. It is better to not take a risk when it comes to the quality of tyres. If you want to easily find and buy the right sort of car tyres for your model, you can check with Point S website. Reserve the ones that fit your car and are in the right price bracket, then turn up to have them fitted for you.

Adjusting Your Driving Style

Pull away slower to preserve your tyres' lifespan. Try doing so in second gear routinely unless you are on a hill to avoid wheel spinning and tyre damage. Sit back from the car in front of you so you can come off the accelerator rather than dab the brake. This will make your tyres last longer, too.

Steering Clear of Debris

Running over debris in the road is inevitable. However, by keeping more of an eye on the traffic around you, it becomes possible to swerve around things in the way. The same can be said of potholes in the road which damage tyres. Really slow down for speed bumps because these can harm your wheel alignment, as well.

Checking Your Tyre Pressure

Every couple of times you fill up with fuel, check the tyre pressure of each of your wheels. Keep them pumped up to the recommended level. This will save you money because even slightly flat tyres are less efficient to run on. Moreover, flatter tyres wear down quicker than properly inflated ones.

Confirming Your Tread Depth

All you need is a twenty pence coin to make sure your tyres have enough tread. Just stick one into the grooves on your tyre. If the rim of the coin disappears from view, then you have sufficient tread to remain legal on the road.

Adjusting Your Tracking

This is something for a professional to do. If your car's tracking is out of alignment, then the wheels will not be perfectly parallel. This means you will wear them down more rapidly than you would otherwise so have this important job carried out.

Looking Out for Bulges

Inspect your tyres for any parts that stick out, usually noticeable on the side. If you do, then this is a sign that the rubber compound the tyre is made from is coming apart. You could face a blowout if you continue to drive on a tyre with a bulge.

Using Your Spare

Learn how to jack your car up and change a wheel for your spare. Anyone can do it so long as they have reasonable mobility. Make sure you know what sort of spare tyre you have. Some limit your speed or only allow you to drive a certain distance before you'll need a full replacement.

Ellie Dickinson