Caring for your tyres


It almost seems serendipitous to write this post a couple of weeks after getting two of my car tyres changed, but with winter very much still here (can we talk about the snow from the other week?), caring for your car tyres is much more than just a safety issue.

I’ve had my car now for just under a year and he’s a bit of an old boy and is 10 years old, but came to me with under fifteen thousand miles. As it was bought second hand, it was quite a bit cheaper than buying a car new as I didn’t want to go on finance, but this does mean that it is a bit older than some other cars. Before purchase, we thoroughly checked the car’s MOT history and asked the garage to change the tyres before purchase to ensure that they were 100% and new! But after 9 months of owning a car, I thought I’d break down the key ways you can care for your tyres and avoid any nasty accidents!

Regularly Fill Them Up.

I’m not sure why this is the most intimidating thing about owning a car, but I used to genuinely get nervous about checking my tyre pressure because I had no idea what I was doing… But thankfully I have an uncle who is a car genius who talked me through it and helped me out. You can fail an MOT if your car pressure is too low and it costs less than £5 to do it yourself. I’d suggest decoding the pressure details on your phone so that in a pinch, you can do it yourself.

Get them checked.

In the Winter months, my local garage offers a winter service check where they check tyres, lights, heating and heating. Not only is this so reassuring to have checked over, but you have the reassurance of a professional making sure your car is okay. They ended up changing my front two tyres and aligning my wheels – two things that made a noticeable difference in driving my car!

General Upkeep.

As someone who knows very little about cars, I’m willing to spend on getting my car checked over – it’s something I’ve factored into my budget to ensure that I can afford. Find a reputable garage who is willing to help with little things – having someone personable can help and means you won’t feel embarrassed about asking about simple things!

What type of things do you do to keep your car in check?

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Ellie Dickinson