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The Complete Guide to Lombok, Indonesia (and why you need to go there and NOT Bali)

Having grown up in South East Asia, I’ve been to quite a few places within a 4-hour flying distance of Malaysia. I’ve been lucky enough to have covered most of Thailand, briefly touched Laos, and been to a few places in Vietnam, but one place we’ve really not seen much of is Indonesia. And you may have noticed from my Instagram (follow me here), that I spent about 10 days in Lombok fairly recently – and it was absolutely stunning.

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Ultimate Guide to the Gilli's (Lombok & Bali, Indonesia)

If you've been following my Instagram (follow me here), then you may well have noticed that my usual beauty content has been replaced with the crystal clear seas and white sandy beaches of various Gilli's - located just off of Lombok in Indonesia. And it's been stunning and possibly one of my new favourite beachy locations. So stay tuned for a detailed guide and commentary on all the islands I visited (and what to see on each one!).

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