Daily Makeup Essentials

With my degree over (I know), and far fewer people to see on a daily basis, I've taken advantage of being mostly at home to mess around with my daily makeup routine as if something goes terribly wrong, it's not the end of the world.

I've been really big on skincare lately (quel surpris) and have been making sure to always wear a day moisturiser and I've been trying out the Clinique Pepstart HydroBlur for a good few weeks now. This is awesome. It's pink tinted and smooths your skin to the extent where you look airbrushed and can get away without a base if you want. However, as it does contain a lot of filling elements (but not silicon yay), you do need to make sure you cleanse properly as you don't want to risk leaving it on your skin for too long. This shouldn't be an issue for most people but it's worth remembering. 

Once I'm done with my Hydroblur, I reach for my Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder to just dust over my temple and eyelids (to avoid liquid liner transfer). Whilst this technically comes in colours, it's pretty much transluscent if you have a fair skintone. (Unfortunately, Bourjois' colour range is pretty poor, so not ideal if you have a darker skintone).

I've basically lost most of my tan so I've been relying on bronzers like The Body Shop Baked To Last Bronzer which has streams of gold and pink running through it, hence making it an ideal do-everything face product. It's not matte but is great for a summery glowy look. I find this glowy enough that I don't need a highlighter but of course, if I'm going out, I will throw a bit on because, glow.

I keep it simply with my eyes and often only go for mascara and I've been trying the La Roche Posay Respectissime Extension Mascara and it's brilliant. It's incredibly lengthening and makes my eyelashes look incredible. Annoyingly, I don't think it comes as waterproof but it's really good for a day to day. 

And then sometimes, if I accidentally cake the ole' makeup, I go for a spritz of MAC Fix+ Prep and Prime but most of the time, it just sits there because it doesn't fit in my drawer.

Of course, not a makeup essential but a daily essential is my new hun, my Daniel Wellington Classic Melrose Petite which is rose gold and so delicate and beautiful. (ELLIEGRACE gets you 15% off).

What are some of your fave daily makeup essentials?