Everyday Dance Inspired Looks

The designers have shown their designs for Spring 2018. The excitement is building as they add fresh new looks to 1980’s retro looks. We are going to give you some examples of what to expect. Here is a hint. You will already own many pieces to fit into the world of fashion, and the pieces you need to perfect your look will be available at online dance supply stores like Just For Kix.com.

Unexpected colors

The first thing you will notice is the unusual color combinations introduced by the larger fashion designers. You can expect to see orange and pink paired together, as well as red and pink. Brown is being combined with dusty lavender or smoke gray. No colors are off limits.

Tip: crochet patterns are being used in multiple 1960’s designs for shoulder bags, shawls, scarfs, and even slippers. Go bold and mix your shapes and designs for your own unique look.


Photo credit https://www.pexels.com/@godisable-jacob-226636

Everyday Dance Clothes

This year’s look includes a lot of clothes that dancers wear every day. You can look back to the 1980’s for a hint on how to make the dance gear look super trendy. Here are some of the looks you will see:

  • Bodysuits / Leotards

This looks great under jeans, sweats, or with tights. Add a leather jacket, leg warmers, and a colorful headband for the sexy look of the season.

  • Leg warmers

These are to wear over tights or leggings. The more colorful, the better. Stripes are a popular look.

  • Shoes

This is a year for making your own statement. Red boots are really popular and with your leggings and bunched socks gathered around the top. Ballet slippers are another option that is hot in 2018. They come in many colors. You can add glitter, beads, or your own choice to decorate them. Finally, sneakers are (always) hot. High-tops, low-tops, cloth, leather, and custom decorated. Anything goes with your sneakers.

  • Cover your buns

There are many ways you can cover your buns. You can wear a long shirt, mini-skirt, or shorts over your tights or leggings. This is a case of sexy is a little more, not a little less. A pair of leggings with a short tee looks fine on the dance floor. But, if you are wearing them as your fashion (in public), you will look much “hotter” with a cute little mini-skirt that shows “just enough.” Some short-shorts gives you that sexy look too. But wear something to turn on the allure.

Tip: worn sneakers are a great fashion statement. Do not dismiss them because of a few holes, or faded material. They are right on the fashion money. Use colorful strings to bring them into the multi-colored, multi-fashion dancer look.


No dancer outfit is complete without an oversized dance bag. The same is true with spring fashion. The bigger the bag, the better. Take advantage of the bag to express your personality. Patches, embroidery, crochet, and freestyle fabric paint are all great for turning your bag into your masterpiece. Add charms, beads, and fuzzy keychains to the handles.

Warm-up “stuff”

Okay, you are wearing your tights, bodysuits, and leotards. You need one more item to bring it all together. You need a warm-up “something.” Here are some ideas:

  • Dance jackets

  • Oversized tee shirts

  • Flannel shirts

  • Poncho

Tip: the fun thing about wearing the dance clothes trend is you can layer your look.


Dance wear has always been a popular choice for those who want trendy and comfortable clothes. This year, designers are giving you permission to do your own thing and to do it your own way. The choices are endless. Look online, browse the shops, go through your parent’s storage trunks, and out your look together. This is your year, so go for it.

Ellie Dickinson