Why Dancing is the Best Thing You Can do for Your Body


You will always find a reason for throwing some shapes and taking a turn on the dance floor. However, it is not only at weddings or during that Saturday night out only! Furthermore, dance has a firm place in many people’s hearts with dance TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance selling this form of expression as one of the best ways to have fun.

The best news is that dance is unique as it strengthens and uses your cognitive skills, social connections, emotions, and physical abilities – all of which are vital in your daily life. Not only is dance sky high on the fun factor, it is the best thing for your body – and here is why.

However, before delving into the benefits of dancing for your body, you need to ensure that you wear loose clothing as it can get hot. In addition, you can make your dances even more fun by wearing outfits and shoes to match the kind of dancing you are into. This is why, whether you are a professional or just dancing for fun, you should invest in the best in performance wear from Alexandra Costumes, for instance.

Once you are ready, you can then explore the critical benefits for dancers – regardless of their country of origin, age or experience. While it’s not possible to list all the great benefits of dancing, here are some of the greater ones.

For Self-Expression

Dancing is a great opportunity to express how you feel at any given moment. If you’ve seen a mother swaying around the house with her baby safe in her arms, you understand she’s experiencing a moment of intense love for the baby. A couple dancing to a slow song and looking into each other’s eyes allows them to enjoy their strong emotions for each other – whether lust or love!

At the same time dance is an expression of art that appeals to your emotions. Like synchronized dancers moving at the same time create enthusiasm and excitement to liven up a crowd.

Create a Bond

When people come together for a dance, it provides them with entertainment in an upbeat, positive environment. People are energized and inspired by the dancers within their grouping.

Adventurous dancers are more likely to emulate moves done by others, providing extra entertainment that draws people from various backgrounds, races and ages together. It’s not a surprise that total strangers can become friends, and family’s bond even closer due to positive dance floor experiences.

Improved Memory

For ages, doctors have been looking for ways of reducing cognitive decline in older adults. One study clearly indicated that older dancers fared better and experienced less deterioration in the brain when compared with other seniors. In most cases, this is attributed to the amount of learning required and memory involved in dancing.

Improved Balance and Coordination

Did you know one out of every four adults aged 65 and above years will suffer a fall? Do you also know that millions of kids and teens are injured every year when playing sports?

These two incidents are incredibly different, but the solution is the same – learn to fall like a dancer. Dance classes teach you to be more aware of your body, while encouraging low-impact landings. Such techniques are not only critical for a dance, they are great for players in impact sports, developing motor skills in kids and older adults concerned about possible injuries.

An increasing aging population is always at risk of falls, and dance can be beneficial in reducing this risk significantly, because dancing is all about several balance tests. Plus, athletes tend to have higher incidences of knee injuries (especially ACL injuries) than dancers. Dance classes require elongated movements and full extensions that lead to less force generated on the body.

Gain Strength and Endurance

Dancing is a great aerobic exercise that works on several muscles in your body at the same time. Your muscles are conditioned, stretched and toned while your heart rate that increases blood flow rate.

After dancing, during cool-down period, it’s important you rest for a few moments – especially if you were involved in a fast dance routine. Between your dances, stretch out your leg and arm muscles and totally relax as you sit in a chair. At the same time, roll your neck in a slow motion movement to release tension built up in the neck.

Get to the Beat


At the end of the day, if you’re feeling inspired and you are aching to learn a new great skill that get you fit and get to meet new people, dancing could be the exercise you need. To find a class in your area, you can simply Google it. The best news is that you can get all these and more benefits for absolutely nothing!

Ellie Dickinson