World Duty Free x Manchester Airport Biza Haul

world duty free beauty haul
world duty free beauty haul
world duty free beauty haul
world duty free beauty haul

This Christmas is one of the first Christmas’ that I won’t be spending abroad visiting my parents and for them, this will be one of the first Christmas’ that my family will be spending in the UK. So without the constraints of baggage allowance, Christmas presents have been far more fun to shop for! So when I had the chance to spend the evening with World Duty Free at Biza in Manchester Airport (Terminal 1), I lept at the opportunity and it’s safe to say that many Christmas presents were bought....

Biza in Manchester Airport has an honestly incredible selection of beauty and fragrance, including so many exclusive gift sets, which made it the perfect place to buy some pressies! After my first visit to Duty Free (read about that here), I approached this trip with a little bit more dedication and did a bit of research prior to fully plan what I need! World Duty Free have an incredible website which allows you to pre-order items prior to your trip - or order them and pick them up upon your return. All the prices included are Duty Free so you may find them quite a bit cheaper than most places.

On my first trip to duty free, I picked up the Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions™ Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate (£34.15) - ever since, I’ve been using it nightly and I’ve noticed such a huge difference that I’ve picked up my second bottle! If you want to read a bit more, I’ve written a blog post on it!

I also colour matched and picked up the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (£27.90). I love the normal Double Wear for going out but wanted a lighter base for every day and this definitely fits the bill! It has a really nice consistency and is something I’m really enjoying wearing.

Compared to my last trip to Duty Free, this trip was less skincare focused and more fragrance centric. There was an incredible offer on fragrance which meant that gift sets were the same price as a single fragrance! I picked up the CK One Set (£32) which has a 200ml and a 50ml bottle - perfect for gifting! Last time I was in Duty Free, I was kindly gifted Maison Margiela’s Beach Walk (£76) which has fast become one of my favourite scents, so this time I spent a bit of time at the counter and came away with Lazy Sunday Morning (£76), a slightly muskier scent that I’m in love with. I absolutely adore the Replica scents by Maison Margiela, not only for the concept behind them but the fact that they are quite unique and different - and not available everywhere!

World Duty Free UK kindly put us up in the Radisson Blu at Manchester airport and when we arrived, we were kindly gifted an incredible array of products! These included the Benefit Blush Bar ‘Cheeks on Pointe’ Palette which includes Gold Rush, GALifornia, Hoola, Rockateur and Dandelion. I’ve never actually tried any Benefit cheek products but they look stunning and I’m looking forward to trying them! We were also gifted the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream which is a firm favourite of mine for the winter! Also included was the NARS Little Fetishes Orgasm Set which includes the cutest mini Orgasm blush and lipstick - I’ve never tried either but I’m really excited to give them a go!

It’s safe to say that we were well and truly spoiled by World Duty Free and Manchester Airport. Every time I’ve been to Duty Free, I’ve been genuinely amazed at the savings that Duty Free Offers, something which is particularly noticeable if you’re buying a fragrance like Maison Margiela or Jo Malone!

Do you tend to shop at Duty Free? Is this something you’ve considered?

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