Fashion Adventures: What Constitutes An Exotic Style?

Get up, walk to your wardrobe and look inside. Can you see anything at all that can be counted as exotic? But wait, what is ‘exotic’? Well put it this way, a piece of clothing or accessory that is from another part of the world that is little-known or used in your own culture. When we look at the ancient Egyptians and their use of gold in necklaces, we would consider this exotic. It's rare, it's infused with some kind of mysteriousness and it has a strange luxurious sex appeal. Just because something is rare doesn’t make it exotic, because again it must pertain to a culture. Therefore, this means that a piece of clothing or jewellery that was or is highly prized for its cultural importance and perhaps how much it breaks the norm of your own fashion or the fashion and styles of your own country. Most probably, you don’t have something of this nature in your wardrobe. But, there’s a first time for everything.

Delicate and sultry

Many Eastern parts of the world have an affinity for gold jewellery. Cultures like Egypt, Syria, Romania, and Turkey to name a few have dressed in sultry jewellery. One of the more recognized across the globe is the golden ankle bracelet. These come in so many different styles and you can have so many different charms to go along with them. However, one of the more popular styles is the golden chain with a teardrop jewel hanging from a short chain across the dorsal of the foot. There are some inexpensive bracelets you can buy, but then there are those that are made from diamonds that rival necklaces and rings of the same quality in price.

Some of the most famous styles are of course from Egypt which is where this kind of bracelet may have originated from. The designs around the world vary, but the modern variants are going to be usually in silver or steel. How about fitting precious stones that are no smaller than a stud, and have those be the linking pieces of the chain. Emerald doesn’t quite go that well, but sapphires and rubies do. On the other hand, you may also want to get quirky and not take it so seriously by adding charms seashells, little brass frogs or pretty much anything. Ankle bracelets don’t have to be for sex appeal, they can just be for a bit of fun and surprise anyone who happened to notice.

A ringing endorsement

From the ancient world of the Aztecs, to the modern cultures of both Western and Eastern countries, one exotic item has been adopted by everyone. The nose ring is particularly synonymous with a sort of faraway land, with a different approach to jewellery and how women can dress themselves with items of great worth. Silver is great but a gold nose piercing is the kind that gets noticed the most and also goes really well with vibrant colors. The nose ring is very versatile as you can have it just plain, or you can link some charms to it. These charms are usually going to be fitted onto their own little rings, of which then can be fit around the ring itself. It's one of the more notable face jewellery and piercings so if you do want to get noticed for having an exotic tone to your outfit, this is the type of accessory you need.

Aim a bit higher

Wrist bracelets can be considered exotic, but the fashion world has made them normal. Instead of putting bracelets around your wrists, how about a snug-fitting upper arm bracelet? These kinds of bracelets were very popular in Roman and Greek society as they were often worn by goddesses. They illuminate the shape of your figure without detailing your silhouette too much. They can be intricate twists of metal, or they can be a bracelet that is basic yet allows things to be hung off it, such as charms and even things like beads and fabrics. It isn’t all about gold and silver either, as many Native American cultures also wore arm bracelets that were made from cotton and animal skin. A lot of freedom is given to you to be creative with an arm bracelet and still remain exotic, so mix in your own personality while paying homage to the women who wore it in high societies that have crumbled but still remain romantically in our minds.

When we think of an ‘exotic’ woman, we picture Cleopatra and Helen of Troy. engraved into our minds but not so much in modern fashion. However, exotic jewellery and styles have a lot of power and respect, so if you can incorporate and pull them off, you’ll be noticed and recognized for having a higher detail and understanding of exotic styling.

Ellie Dickinson