My Makeup Bag

This is my second post for the day because I'm back at school so have significantly less time to use the internet!
So basically here is what I take in my makeup bag whenever I go on holiday. Enjoy!

Above are all my favourite skin care products. I love them all so much and wouldn't even leave the house for the weekend without them. I have really sensitive skin so I use all of these daily (except the mask which is weekly) as well as some extras my dermatologist gave me. These are definitely all recommended!

This is my favourite mascara ever. I have been using it for four years and adore it. I wear the brown/black because it is more natural. I really like the plastic brush head because it does also make a difference and reduce clumping.
For my liner, I wear MAC Powepoint Liner in Grey Utility because I have blue eyes so it emphasises them without being overpowering. It has a soft lead which means it doesn't tug at my lid too much.

This is my MAC brush set. I take them wherever I go. I love the brush bag because it means that the bristles don't get misshaped or ruined (I also own a foundation brush which is not in the image)!This kabuki brush is my all time favourite. I have owned several Kabuki brushes before but the MAC one really helps provide an even coverage.  

I love my MAC duo tone bronzer because it makes the glow more natural and less orange. The combined colours adds another dimension which I adore.
This MAC Stunner blush is one of my favourites because it gives a rosy glow without overpowering and making me look sunburnt!
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is my go to if my skin is not cooperating. As it isn't a thick liquid, it doesn't look caked on and looks very natural. I love wearing this when I'm slightly sunburnt because it evens out my skin tone and reduces my Ruldoph look...

My MAC Plink Lipstick is my favourite ever. It's new and I adore it because it is so subtle and goes with everything! No words can describe it. It isn't thick either so you forget that you're wearing lipstick! It has a slight shimmer to it, almost like a combination of gloss and a matte lipstick. 
MAC Purr lipglass is what I wear daily. No matter what. No words can describe. 
I was unfortunately blessed with large, dark eyebrows which like Miley Cyrus' song, Cant be tamed. These tweezers are the best I have tried and are a lifesaver. They haven't blunted yet and I have owned them for 3 years. However, they are a bit pricey but they last so long it's worth it!

The Naked 2 Palette is the best thing to ever to happen to those who like wearing 'natural' makeup i.e Yours Truly. It is amazing but pricey so it is really up to you whether you want to spend the money or not!

I'm sorry that most of these are MAC and are aware that they are significantly more expensive than the average beauty brand but this weekend I shall post a budget beauty post with images directly from my makeup drawer. The budget beauty post includes brands such as Maybelline, Sephora, W7, NYX and Rimmel London. 

Hope you enjoy :)