Mani Monday: Movie Madness

Well then, although this is a Mani Monday post, most of these manicures are completely impractical but are a bit of fun!

{Just in time for the 'Dark Knight Rises'}

{Not strictly a 'movie' themed manicure but these nails were just so fun that I just had to post them}
{These doctor who nails are absolutely amazing!}
 {Who doesn't love the characters from Sesame Street?} 
 {Indiana Jones manicure = wow}
 {This has to be my favourite, I just adore the detail put in to making the shark!}
 {Even though the Muppets movie was released months ago, I definitely still have muppet fever!}
 {Yummy nails?}
 {As a recovering 'Tetris' addict, I doubt I would survive with these on my fingers.}
{'Up' has to be the cutest movie that I have ever seen, second to Finding Nemo, and these nails are adorable!}

Wow. I really admire the people who took the time to create these manicure masterpieces! The amount of detail used is phenomenal!