Sumptuous Sushi Delights

One thing that I am in adoration of is Japanese food. The eclectic combination of flavours and textures really provides a culinary experience like no other. 
Recently, I ate at a restaurant called 'Kaizen' and the food there was simply divine. I have never seen such an extensive menu at a Japanese restaurant. The huge variety of sashimi options, expansive amounts of maki and also the voluminous  selection of teppanyaki options all looked amazing! This made choosing my meal even harder. In the end, we settled on a variety of sushi with individual salmon teriyaki sets. 

{Cheese maki, Sake (salmon) maki, Salmon wrapped cheese ebiko maki and avocado maki}

{Roast beef and asparagus maki}

{Salmon belly teriyaki, coleslaw, fresh fruits, rice and miso soup}

Overall the meal was absolutely divine and the combination of textures and flavours was absolutely amazing. It was definitely one of the best Japanese dining experiences so far.