Sweet Treats: Cupcakes

Cupcakes are most definitely the 'in' thing right now and can be found worldwide. The great thing about these treats is that there are hundreds of flavours out there to try!
Whenever I come across a bakery or tune in to 'DC Cupcakes', I am inspired and attempt to ice my own cupcakes they way they ice theirs. Unfortunately, mine never turn out the same so I shall be sticking to the classic icing sugar and lemon juice method for now.

Pintrest has recently become the centre of my world and I came across some pictures of some amazing cupcake designs! I have never seen anything like it. I also discovered some of my own images that I had taken whilst in Saigon at 'Fly Cupcakes' which is a tiny store (30x10m!) that sells amazing cupcakes, but the extraordinary thing is that they actually bake the cupcakes in the actual shop. Behind the counter. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it, only in Saigon, eh?

{I apologise for the reflection in the glass}
 {Candyfloss flavoured, Green tea and White chocolate and Lime cupcakes}
 {Top: Rum Raisin, Cherry, Vanilla cranberry and Queen velvet}
{Bottom: Lavender, Green tea and Chocolate with a Berry icing}
 {Oreo, Pistachio and Orange}
 {Rum Raisin, Cherry Creamcheese, Vanilla Creamcheese and Chocolate Lava}

{Pintrest: Lemon Meringue cupcake}

{Pintrest: Smore cupcake}
{Pintrest: Strawberry with strawberry buttercream}

Wow, my mouth is watering just thinking of all the yummy delights! I'm just hoping that I have destroyed any of your dieting ideas! A treat once in a while is often well deserved.

Ciao bellas!