Posting Apology: My favourite sounds

This is just going to be a quick blogpost, but I had to apologise for my lack of posts! I have recently been deprived of internet access as a result of a massive thunderstorm that rocked my neighbourhood a week ago. Besides the lack of internet, school has restarted and obviously passing my finals will be my priority but I will still try to post at least twice weekly.

Recently, I have been getting a lot more into my music so I decided to share my favourite songs at the moment!

~ 'Call Me Maybe' - Carly Ray Jepsen
~ 'Starships' - Nicki Minaj
~ 'As Long as You Love Me' - Justin Bieber
~ 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' - Taylor Swift
~ 'Where Have You Been' - Rihanna
~ 'Go Hard (La La La) - Kreayshawn
~ 'What Makes You Beautiful' - One Direction

What are some of your favourite songs?

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