The Election.

As soon as anyone mentions the word 'election', immediately the presidential race springs to mind. With  the United States of America being one of the main super powers in the world, it was no surprise to see all the media attention on the election. The controversy surrounding Mitt Romney and the curiosity as to whether Obama would really follow his promises this times were all questions filling our heads. The internet was full of anti-Romney(some coming from me!) or Obama jokes, some funny and some not so much. But really, now that Obama has been re-elected, the question should now be whether he will stick to all those things that he talked about in his numerous campaign speeches.  
These promises include to decrease unemployment by creating new jobs (how he plans to do this is beyond me), decrease tax cuts, reduce nuclear war (definitely something that needs looking at considering Iran's 'nuclear power', increase exports and decrease imports (the UK has been attempting to do this for I don't know how long, good luck with that.) and finally special employment options including employment those people who are war veterans. All these ideas sound absolutely brilliant but will he really pull them off? I am very pro-Obama but I am still skeptical over what he actually plans to do to enforce these plans...
Ellie Dickinsonpolitics