Things That Make Me Smile

[Avacado on toast, the ideal breakfast]

[Made in Chelsea has to be my guilty pleasure, I love the trials and tribulations that those wealthier than us seem to face]

[CandyCanes, who doesn't love them!]

[Oreo Cheesecake, my guilty pleasure that I never seem to find!?!?]

[Starbucks Christmas drinks; my favourite having to be the Gingerbread Latte]

[Tea and Macaroons. Perfection.]

[My comfy bed and cozy room, perfect for those chilly(from excess air conditioning! and rainy nights]

Tis' the season to be jolly as many seem to remind us on a daily basis, but this year comparitively to many others, I am in a state of eager anticipation for Christmas! Although, we don't experience much snowfall here, I am hoping that it will snow when I'm back in the UK for my gap year! Anyways, although these aren't all seasonal items, they are things that are sure to turn any sour mood into a sweeter one.
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