Trend: Leather Accents

Wow. Wow. Wow.

For a long time leather has been the in-look. Whether it's worn as trousers, leggings or a classic leather jacket, it is seen everywhere. From cheap PVC leggings to full on genuine leather, everyone should have at least one leather item in their closet! Seriously. It can be worn with anything and adds a chic flare to any outfit. I particularly love it when it is worn in the form of trousers with a black fur waistcoat. The combination of the tight leather with the big fluffy jacket really does create a juxtapositioning of stylistic elements. Unfortunately as a result of living in such an unbelievably hot country, I can't wear leather unless I plan on roasting to death so the only leather I own is in the form of shoes but when I move back to the UK, I will be getting something whether it is boots or (hopefully) the perfect jacket.

*warning: please do not attempt to wear leather trousers if you are over size 14. This is purely for your good as I know how hard it is to look good in them!*
Ellie Dickinsonstreetstyle