A Magical Realm: The beach

As I have said previously, my hotel in KK was right on the beach and look how gorgeous it was! All of these shots were taken when the tide was out and look at all the coral! I know its dead coral, by the copious amounts of fish that were living in the little pools of water really did show the pure biodiversity even though the coral was not living! Very close to the hotel were several islands and they were so close that you could actually walk across to them when the tide was out, which my brother did do!

Also, there were an unbelievably huge amount of starfish around, so I decided to pose with one; as you do! Apologies for the out of focus shots but the pictures were taken with my little Sony Cybershot as I couldn't risk taking my Nikon into an area where it could be tragically dropped onto some coral or into the water! 
Although the beach is stunning and the water is gorgeously clear, it was not a brilliant location for snorkelling but we did go snorkelling to an island called Sapi and more pictures will be up from there soon!

The chiffon top is from Urban Edge in Manchester, the bikini is about three years old from H&M (You can't really see it but it is white with turquoise and blue patterns on it!) and the shorts I wore were from Florence&Fred at Tescos. Budget brands, I know, but hey, who wears expensive things to the beach?