Art Basel by Capture Fashion

Art Basel by Capture Fashion is an absolutely beautiful photoshoot featuring the gorgeous Ashely Sky is really unique yet slightly ghetto shoot. Ashely Sky is simply stunning and her slightly eurasian looks really do add another dimension to her look. Ashely Sky is typically seen in slightly racy lingerie or swimwear and her unusually large bust sometimes inhibits her ability to partake in high fashion photoshoots so I am actually so pleased that she has done a shoot different to one where she is dressed in minimal clothing. 
The shoot was taken in the Miami’s Wynwood Art District which really does reflect the changing characteristics of what could be described as being in the 'hood' but the amazing colours and patterns and art really does add a different element to the pictures especially as a result of the pop of colour. 

The styling must really be my favourite part of the shots as she does look amazing and the stylist has definitely tried to help emphasise her neverending legs and hiding her ample chest. I do hope that she makes it in the industry; I would rather see her face everywhere than Cara Delvingne.