Instagram Favourites

(Above: both are @camillamackintosh)





I sincerely hope that you have all discovered my insane love of instagram, a place where I share anything and everything that I think, do, eat or think. It acts a bit like an insight into my life and helps you to get to know me better! I follow over 200 people including friends, family and obviously celebrities but these pictures are from celebrities as it is an invasion of privacy to share personal images of others! My favourite instagrammer has to be Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) who always posts simply gorgeous pictures that may make you hate yourself, but you love her even more! Similarly with Millie Mackintosh off Made in Chelsea (@camillamackintosh) as she is guaranteed to post adorable pictures of her pugs or Herbie, her french bulldog!
By the way, @jacksgap is a youtuber from England who is simply hilarious! I highly recommend popping along and watching a couple of his videos! Some may be british humour, but there are definitely those that are universal.