OOTD: Festive Cookery Class

The festive season is rapidly approaching and so are those holiday treats! So today, my mother and I attended a cooking demonstration that taught us how to make Panettone and Stollen Bread. These yummy German and Italian fruit breads were so different in comparison to our traditional British fruit cakes! However, as the class was being held at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, I decided to wear a bit more than my typical scruffy shorts and a t-shirt! The chiffon crop top is from Forever 21, the jeans are from Indigo, the shoes from New Look and the bag is from Longchamp!
The use of reds throughout the outfit are actually to remind myself that it is christmas soon, as it is so easy to forget especially when living in a scorching hot country with a trickle of sweat constantly running down your back! Definitely a good outfit to keep up the festive spirit!