The little things

We all need those little pick me ups from time to time, we all have those days that seem to get progressively worse by the minute and we all have our vices. It's sometimes good to look back upon things that I enjoy and reflect upon their simplicity. From a photo to a cup of tea; we forget how little we actually need to initiate an emotional change.
Ballet is one of those things that is exactly calming just to watch, the simplicity of the movements just create a sense of relaxation. White minimalist spaces are another thing that just creates a sense of sedation, but in a good way. I enjoy painting my nails and reading magazines, wearing anything peplum makes a day better! Marc by Marc Jacobs is a brand that always provides new excitement and unique twists on current street style whereas flowers are just pretty and nice to smell! And like I said, hot tea on a cold morning is perfection. Finally swimming, I love the feeling of the cool water rushing past as you move in the water, its amazing.
I know that this post is rambling but I sometimes forget the simple pleasures in life, and its definitely nice to remember that we don't need to live up to the expectations that the materialistic world we live in for things that could make us happy. 
Ellie Dickinsonpersonal