There is no doubt that Olivia Palmero is one of the most stylish people out there and the countless number of photos of her on my tumblr timeline only emphasise this! Her sense of style is flawless and her continually classy look has placed her on a pedestal far higher than some of the more fashionable out there.

She never fails to impress with her continually elegant appearance; hair perfectly coiffed, makeup flawless and outfits that are never repeated. Similarly to Rosie Huntington-Whitley, she dresses simply with one statement piece that adds another dimension and ties the look together. This technique is far better than some outfits that I have seen that scream cheap. Sometimes, less is more. 

One thing that I love about her style is that she is not always seen in ridiculously high heels and is completely comfortable being seen in flats (Chanel of course). Secondly, I adore the fact that she wears high street brands! It just makes her style so much more accessible to us peasants who are not swimming in $100 bills! And finally, she wears cat eye sunglasses. Anyone who favours cat eye glasses over those hideous Ray-bans, is automatically more stylish in my books. So yes, in my opinion, definitely a must buy!

Which outfit is your favourite?