Ellie Update: Apologies

Hello my lovelies! I just wanted to write a quick post apologising for my lack of writing and videos! It's just that I have four months left of school, including exams and although writing is my passion, unfortunately it won't pass my exams for me! Therefore, blogging and making videos is not really my priority especially as videoing in particular takes such a long time to edit and film!
I have queued up several blog posts so there will not be a complete standstill on here but there is no guarantee that I can post daily and for this I am so sorry!

Thank you to all of you who have emailed me on youtube or my email or have tweeted me and have asked me how I am and if there was a particular reason for not blogging but it is simply an issue of time!

I will set aside an hour each week to try and write a couple of posts but otherwise there is not much more that I can give.

However, in good news, when school ends I am going on a gap year so I will have so much more time to blog! So hold off for a couple of months and I will be back with a vengeance! 

Thank you for bearing with me and remaining loyal readers even when my blog is looking rather bare!

Love you all and the bunch of flowers above is just a pretty picture, nothing related! 
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