Taylor Swift for Elle USA March 2013

Ah, Taylor Swift. The once country sweetheart has made a rapid transition into the world of emotional pop. Her not so subtle songs about her exes have been infuriating fans over the world with some even calling her fake and an attention seeker, none the less, she still remains one of the few singers that can perform live.

I hope some of you have been made aware of the little grammy situation that occurred a day or so ago when whilst Taylor was opening the awards ceremony with We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, she not so subtly said one of the spoken parts 'I love you' in a British accent - a possible jab at Harry Styles? Hmm, we'll never know. 

Nevertheless, her spread for the March issue of Elle USA is simply gorgeous and I simply adore the edgy look that she has been going for, the stylists playing akin to this. I actually quite like how each shot is so different and that they don't have a theme running through it, almost like her varying moods in each of her tracks! My favourite shot would have to be the more boho look with the wide rimmed black floppy hat. She started embodying the 'boho chic' look a year or so ago and personally, I thought it really suited her, paired with her edgier songs. But to be honest, her shaming of past relationships has come a little bit too far especially as it is pretty obvious who each track is about (especially as she has only had one british boyfriend... Hmmmm). Anyways, it would be all too easy to criticise her music and immaturity but unfortunately her attempted 'bad girl' look has really tarnished everything she does. In fact, I actually think that her expression in the close up shot looks like a bit of a smirk, and that kind of put me off the shoot as well.
Mind you, had it been any other celebrity the styling is gorgeous and as I said before, I like how there is not a clear thematic element running through the shoot.

Sound off in the comments below, what are your thoughts on T-Swizzles latest attitude and what about the magazine spread?
Ellie DickinsonELLE, taylor swift