But Baby It's Cold Outside

It is cold. There is no other word to describe the weather apart from cold and with it predicted to snow in the UK in October, the coats are being dusted off and thick socks being pulled on because it is cold and is going to be cold for quite a while to come.

But it's also wet.

The UK is famous for it's rain and it has been raining almost constantly for the month of September - bar a couple of wonderfully dry days earlier on but the rain is unlike what I have seen before as it is a misty wetness that soaks you in seconds without being completely wet - a paradox in itself.

So I have bought a coat - a lovely warm felt oversized boyfriend coat from Topshop which is big enough to fit over jumpers and shall hopefully (fingers crossed) keep me toasty warm during these next months. 

Winter is coming and I hope you're all ready, because I certainly aren't.