My Flash Trash Website Relaunch

If you follow my instagram and twitter (and basically every social network), you will know that My Flash Trash is undoubtedly one of my favourite jewellery websites. Whilst the name of the company does bring into question the type of jewellery they sell, I urge you not to be put off. I am currently loving everything grunge - think lilac hair, beachy waves and ripped jeans and the whole aesthetic of MFT goes with it.

Now, as of yesterday they've relaunched their website and I am in love. Not only is the user interface much cleaner than before, it certainly is more aesthetically pleasing (a phrase I love). Having been playing around with the site for a couple of days now, I've had to resist the urge to buy everything in sight, instead choosing to sort it by price, low to high of course. 

The new home page instantly hits all the criteria I look for i.e most popular, celeb picks and their look book (not to mention that one of my favourite models, Kara Rose Marshall is featured in it!) 

One of my latest obsessions is a fixed navigation bar (if you know how to do it on blogger, please give me a shout!) - it just adds a sense of cleanliness and once again, improves the user interface completely. The use of various fonts in drop down menus also got me a little bit excited (how sad is that) but added another dimension that made me that little bit happier.

In summary, I adored myflashtrash before and love it even more now it's clean, organised whilst still being incredibly minimalistic (as you can tell from my blog, its something I like). Now please excuse me whilst I try not to spend my entire bank balance on it.
Ellie Dickinson