Airport Awaiting

I am currently sitting in KLIA, not because this is my final destination but because I have a 6 hour wait between my arriving flight from Amsterdam and my departing flight to Brunei. 6 hours in an airport? Not fun.

I like to call myself a well seasoned traveller, I have been traveling since the age of 8 months (mother, feel free to correct me on this) and have been doing longhaul flights since the age of 2. I'm used to it. I know Singapore airport like the back of my hand, but KLIA not so much, and to be frank, there isn't much to it.

So I'm sat in a coffee shop, taking advantage of their free wifi as I wait. Fortunately, I have a enough to keep me busy for a while but otherwise I'm not the happiest of campers - especially as the transfer desk workers seemed absolutely clueless as to my next flight and were trying to tell me that I was booked onto a flight to Amsterdam rather than Brunei. No thanks, I've just taken that trip.

But I'm much perkier after a very very strong coffee (cheers Coffee Bean) and am looking forward to seeing my family for a well deserved break. The sunshine will be a welcome change!
Ellie Dickinsonlifestyle